How to use the Rally Roster

The Rally Roster is a group of people or team members working together to raise money for one campaign. Each member gets his/her own personal Rally page that includes the same title, video/main photo, and swag as the main Rally campaign.

How much each member raises individually is displayed on their Rally page and added to the overall total on the main campaign. All contributions go to the main Rally’s funding account.



Why is it effective for teams?

Your greatest asset as a team or organization is your strength in numbers. The more members reaching out to their friends and family asking for support, the more money you raise. Campaigns that have Rally Roster members can raise at least 50% more than those without.

SUCCESS: Here’s how one ski jumping team successfully raised $29,000 using the Rally Roster.


How do I use the Rally Roster tool?

First, click the green button to Enable the Rally Roster tool when in DRAFT RALLY mode.

You now have Roster Options


Anyone can join your Roster once live by clicking the blue Join Roster button on your Rally. You get an email when someone joins. You also get veto power. This option is best if you want to launch quickly and anticipate people joining at different times.



When in Rally Draft Mode on the Roster, choose to send an auto email invite asking anyone you want to be a Roster member. This option is best if you have time, need more control, and want Roster members in place and ready before going live.

The people you invite will receive an email invitation to which they accept, sign up, and are prompted to upload their Rally profile photo and add bio info. 

TIP: A Rally Roster member won't be able to VIEW their individual Rally until the Main campaign goes live. You can add Rally Roster members during Draft mode and/or after you launch the main campaign.


Want to build a roster for your team or organization, but don't have the contact information for each member? In this instance, the admin of the main Rally fundraiser can create Roster members without an invitation. This is useful if you're an organization and you want to make each Roster page a team or group.

The main Rally owner will receive all updates and notifications about each Roster member page.


You can always invite people to be Roster Members before you Go Live and then after you've launched, others can join. The more the merrier!


I'm a Roster member. How do I update my personal Rally?

Once you accept the email invite to sign up and join the Rally Roster, you are taken to the About You page,  where you upload your profile photo, provide your location, and add a short bio.

TIP: The main Rally admin can edit the members' personal Rally pages. Click the team member's name when viewing the Roster tab, then click the Edit button.

How do I promote & share my personal Rally Roster?

1. EMAIL – The most important outreach you can do!
Send out 2-3 emails during the duration of your campaign to your network of friends, family, and fans asking them to support your team by contributing to your Rally. 

Here's an example email to get you started:

Dear ____________:

I'm excited to let you know about my new fundraising campaign for [say who you are raising money for, i.e. your team, a friend, an organization]

Our overall goal is to raise $XXXX for [state what you are raising money for]. We only have XX days to raise the money.

I’m personally aiming to raise $XXX.

We are reaching out to our large networks and asking everyone for a small amount of support. As you’re in my inner circle of supporters, I wonder if you can help us get our fundraising campaign rolling?


Thanks for taking the time to read this! [YOUR NAME HERE]

2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Post updates 3-4 times a week about your team’s Rally campaign and ask for people to “Sponsor Your Rally”. Click the Share Rally icons on your individual Rally Roster page. More than 40% of your donations may come from a direct link on Facebook.

Example posts: 

  • Post a photo or video of you training or competing and your direct Rally Roster link. Post milestones:  “We hit 30% of our goal today thanks to you!”; “We had an amazing practice/game. Check out my fundraiser. We need you!”
  • ​Post to your wall: “Thanks to John Smith, Andy Doe and Janey Downs for contributing to our team. You helped us get over $4,000 today!”


As a Roster member, how do I see who contributed to me?

1. Login and go to your personal Rally Roster page.
2. Click on the Contributions tab.
3. Here you will see recent contributions or you can choose to download a detailed spreadsheet. 


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