How to make a simple pitch video

Including a simple pitch video on your Rally will increase your chances of achieving your goal by 50%. Why? Potential Boosters get to see you in action and hear why you’re raising funds. If you're a team or organization, it's essential to include team members in the video.

Don’t worry. It doesn’t need to be Academy Award-winning. Simple, sincere, humorous and fun is key. If you can't do a pitch video, you could also use existing video of you participating in your sport.


1. Footage and photos

Gather video and photos of yourself participating in your sport.

2. Video Script

Customize this script into your own words and practice it. (Change to "We" and "Our" if you’re a team/organization.)

Hello, my name is __________ and I’m a __________ (ie.: skier, baseball player, mountain climber, youth hockey coach). I have been __________ (skiing, playing soccer) for __________ years.

My goal is to __________ (ie.: attend training camp, get new equipment).

For me __________ (the sport) helps me __________ (build confidence, work with teammates, challenge myself).

I want to ____________________ (repeat your goal here) because ____________________ (share what this will mean to you to achieve it).

Your support will help me pay for __________ (travel, uniforms, entry fees, etc.)

We have __________ (duration of Rally) days to raise __________ (your financial goal).

Join my team today and contribute! 

Please also spread the word about my Rally. Email a link to my RallyMe page, Facebook it, Tweet it. 

Thank you!


3. Film Yourself

Use a camera, smartphone or tablet. Sit or stand with a neutral background in a well-lit area. Some Ralliers choose to use their fields or event spaces as a backdrop. Limit background noise and speak clearly. Look into the camera and deliver your pitch. Be yourself!


4. Edit The Video

  1. Edit yourself or find a friend to help.
  2. Use video editing software – there are tons available for free online or already on your desktop or tablet; iMovie, Sony Vegas, etc.
  3. Using your editing software, select the clip that is best for each line of dialog and put it on the timeline.
  4. Insert 5 to 10 seconds of action video at the beginning. If you don’t have action video, use photographs, or go right to the clip of you introducing yourself.
  5. Next, insert the best clips of yourself delivering your message.
  6. You can also insert action footage or photos in between your clips.
  7. End the video with a direct call to action like “Contribute Today!”
  8. Insert the direct link to your Rally and leave it on screen for at least 7 seconds. 
  9. Follow the directions for your desktop video editing software to compress and create the video file.

Note: The entire video should be less than 2 minutes.  If inserting music, be aware that certain video hosting platforms like YouTube will flag copyrighted material, and prevent your video from being watched. 


5. Post Your Video

You must first upload your video to a hosting site. We recommend YouTube or Vimeo, but we support dozens of other video hosting services.


6. Add Video to Rally & Share

Go to Edit view on your Rally. Click Story in navigation bar and paste the URL from the YouTube or Vimeo link where you uploaded your video.

Your video can be your best ally in helping you get the word out about your Rally. Share your Rally page link on Facebook, Twitter, and send it in an email to your contacts.



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