Phase 4 - Finish Line & Thanks

In the last week, push the sense of urgency to raise the last bit of funding for the campaign. Don’t peter out! Winners never quit, they keep going hard to the finish to reach the goal.

1. Email


Email Blast No. 3 – Closing Email With Sense of Urgency

Send at the start of the final week or last few days of campaign. Let supporters and members know they only have a few days left to join the journey and contribute to your goal. Also, share the good news to what has been accomplished so far and why they are making a difference. You can also use the email to share a list of all of the Boosters thus far in the campaign. People love reading their name and it encourages others to contribute. Include your Rally hashtag.


2. Social Media

Build the sense of urgency to reach the finish line in just a few days. Use images, your video, inspiring graphics, etc. to encourage people to contribute and make a difference. Include your Rally hashtag.


  • Use thank-you quotes, photos, or short videos.
  • Ask supporters and fans to Share the campaign to their networks to help you reach the Finish Line.

last days


3. Bring in a hero

Key benefactors (or family members!) love to come in at the end of campaigns and help push it over the goal line. Line-up a special supporter who may be willing to kick-in a large amount in the final days of the campaign. Be prepared to give him/her a large shout-out on social media and in the follow-up email blast thank you.


4. Thank Boosters!

Don’t leave your Boosters in the dark for weeks after they’ve supported your Rally — interact with them and thank them, post messages on your Updates tab. This is not the end of your campaign, this is the beginning of a new relationship with a great group of Boosters who will be with you throughout your journey. 

send thanks

With this in mind, send a thank you to everyone who supported your Rally. Here’s a sample thank you that you can change to suit your needs.

Dear Booster:

Thank you so much for supporting my Rally on RallyMe. I appreciate the faith and belief you’ve shown in helping me to reach for my athletic goals.

We (INSERT OUTCOME OF RALLY HERE, ie reached, exceeded, or didn’t reach our goal).

IF YOU REACHED OR EXCEEDED GO HERE: Now, I am going to take your support and strive to INSERT YOUR ATHLETIC GOAL HERE.


IF YOU DIDN'T REACH YOUR GOAL: We didn’t reach our stated goal, but I will use the funds you’ve provided to: INSERT YOUR PLAN HERE.


4. How do I get Booster contact info?

You will receive an email confirmation every time someone contributes ... and if applicable, details about swag chosen or purchased.

To see detailed information about each contribution and Booster, including anonymous Boosters:
  1. Login and go to your Rally page.
  2. Click the Contributions tab.
  3. Here you'll see recent contributions with details. Or you may click on the blue download icon to see the Booster info spreadsheet. 

5. Can I accept contributions after my Rally ends?

While you can't extend your campaign deadline, you can always opt in to the Fan Page option, which makes it easy to continue raising funds after your Rally campaign ends. Learn how here.


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