Phase 3 - Engage & Update

Mid-campaign you may experience a natural lull in contributions. That's OK! Reignite the campaign by engaging and motivating your supporters. Prepare for the crescendo of your campaign. 


1. Email


Email Blast No. 2 – Update with Success Stories

Share an update about the campaign with successes of how much raised thus far, highlight or quote a special Booster to the campaign – positive peer pressure! Include your Rally hashtag.


2. Incentives to contribute

  • Announce Matching Funder. People are 40% more likely to contribute to your Rally if they know their contribution will be doubled by matching funds.

    Any business or individual can pledge funds to match your Rally. They choose the amount and then their logo or photo will appear on the Rally page with the amount pledged. To set up a matching fund, contact us.
  • Introduce Exclusive Swag: Come up with a fun or exciting new swag option for the campaign. Maybe it’s tickets to an upcoming event or signed sports paraphernalia. One ski club introduced a new patch midway through their campaign for just $50 and it helped kick the Rally over the $20,000 mark, with many Boosters contributing way more than the $50.

twitter matching funder

mittersill patch

3. Engage influencers


Once you've raised over 20% of your goal and you have a lot of Boosters, reach out to the influencers in your sport and ask for help in promoting the campaign. Include your Rally hashtag.




  • Sponsors and Partners – Ask each willing team sponsor or major supporter (if applicable) to help you promote your Rally on their social media pages and websites. Have them use it as a tool to tout their relationship with you or your team.
  • Bloggers and Supporters – Ask bloggers who cover your sport to mention or write about the Rally. Give them the widget code to embed in their blogs. This can include your local newspaper or TV station.
  • Team Members: There is strength in numbers! All team members who are part of the campaign should be spreading the word about the Rally on their own personal social media pages and via email. Challenge them to get 10 people to Boost at least $50 a piece.

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