Phase 2 - Go Live & Promote

It's showtime! Once live, be ready to promote your Rally frequently and with creativity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most importantly through personal emails. 

1. Email

Half of your contributions will come from a direct link to your Rally, typically from an email blast or a link posted from a blog or media website. The day you Go Live, kick off a series of 3 email blasts. Include your Rally hashtag.

Email Blast No. 1 - Join the campaign and contribute!

Briefly announce your campaign in an email and share your story, goal, and sense of urgency. As the campaign goes on in future emails, tease to successes, "We're halfway to our Goal, Help Me Reach The Finish Line. Only 17 Days Left."

Example email you can use to suite your needs -

Dear family, friends and supporters:

Will you join my team as I [we] strive for my athletic goal? 

I’m raising funds through crowdfunding, on RallyMe. The idea is that athletes and teams can reach out to a large circle of their friends, family, friends of friends, and fans and ask everyone for a small amount of support.

I just launched my Rally campaign to raise funds for [STATE YOUR GOAL HERE & WHY IT'S IMPORTANT]. I only have XX days to reach my goal.

It would be great if you could contribute today! 


You can also help by spreading the word about my campaign through email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. [IF YOU HAVE COOL SWAG, MENTION HERE].

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


2. Social Media

Promote consistently and extensively on all your social media links, at least 4-5 times a week. Facebook is MOST important. Our stats show that half of contributions will come from a direct link on Facebook. Post updates about the Rally, how your or teammates will benefit from reaching the goal and ask for a Boost. 

social media


Key Social Media Tips

  • Photos: Post a training or competition photo about your campaign and goals, include the direct Rally link. Post messages about milestones you’ve reached in the Rally – "We hit 30 percent of our goal today thanks to you!"
  • Thank-you's: Thank key Boosters - "Thanks to John Smith, Andy Doe and Janey Downs for Boosting us. You helped us get over $12,000 today!"
  • Swag: Tout the cool swag you have to offer. 
  • FB ads: Consider a Facebook ad. Click the "Build Your Audience" tab at the top of your FB page and follow the instructions.
  • Video: Share your video a few times. People always become more engaged with a video and a call to action. Make sure your direct link to your Rally is included at the end of your video.

    thank boosters

3. Updates


Inside Tip: One of the most important things you can do.

Login to your Rally, click the Updates tab and thank Boosters, upload photos and provide updates about you or the team. Share milestones in your Rally campaign. Ask them to share your Rally. Use the Updates to make announcements. The more interactive you are with your Boosters the greater chance they will Boost again AND share the campaign to their network.

How often should you Update?

Post an update once a week during short campaigns and every other week during long campaigns.
Updates will automatically be emailed to your Boosters AND the latest update will appear on your Rally campaign page. You also can choose to post the update to your Facebook wall.



4. Rally Widget

Once your campaign is live, click the gray embed icon on your Rally page and copy and paste the code to a website or blog. When the code is embedded, the widget will automatically update your Rally total in real time and link to your campaign so people may contribute. Anyone with a website or blog can use the widget to promote your Rally.


5. Website or Blog

If you have a website or blog, put your Rally campaign on your homepage with a photo and direct link to your Rally page or embed a Rally widget. If you have a rotating slider, feature the campaign on the first image. 

If you have a regular donate button on your site or blog, add the Rally widget or the Rally link and a short description. Everything about you on the web should share your campaign - it's only for a limited time! 



NEXT: Phase 3 - Engage & Update


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