How to add swag to your Rally

Swag can be a perk, gift, or service supplied by you, the Rallier, in return for a contribution.

Though it’s not a requirement, swag is helpful in gaining Boosters — even if it’s a simple thank you email or shout-out on Facebook or Twitter.


Swag ideas

The best perks or rewards for contributing to a Rally are those that have a personal touch. Get creative!
  • signed 4x6 in action photo
  • emailed photo of you holding a sign that says "Thank you!"
  • team merchandise (t-shirt, hat, bag, stickers)
  • postcard from an event or training camp
  • signed bib or jersey
  • a haiku thank-you message (yep, Ralliers have done this!)
  • lessons with you or the coach
  • promise to do 10 push-ups for every $100 contribution
  • play-it-forward: for every $200 you get, you’ll donate an hour of time to a charity
  • tiers of "support levels" for your contributors


Setting support level tiers and amounts

Start with a $25 tier. Include mid-levels too, such as $50 and $100. Offering one larger tier amount for something really special is a great incentive, such as $250, $500 or $1,000+.

Don’t forget to account for the cost to create swag and ship it in your swag amount.


Sell team merchandise

Use the swag tool to create an online store to sell merchandise for your team or organization. 


Collect team fees

Use the swag tool to set up team fees you need to collect online and save yourself from chasing down parents and players for personal checks and cash.



How To Add Swag To Your Rally

  1. In the Rally Creation process, click on Swag in the top nav bar. 
  2. Click Add Swag Item.
  3. In the pop-up window, fill in the required fields, then click Create Swag Item.

add swag


Add Size and Color Choices

Under advanced, you can choose to offer different sizes or colors, etc. If you fill in an option Type, you must also fill in an option Choice. This make it super easy to collect data and easily fulfill the swag orders.

On the right is how it looks during check-out when someone chooses a size or color, etc.

advanced     t-shirt size


Fulfill Swag Orders

  1. ​Login and go to your personal Rally campaign page.
  2. Click on the Contributions tab.
  3. Here you will see recent contributions and you can download a detailed spreadsheet with Fulfillment information, including for anonymous Boosters.


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