Phase 1 - Prelaunch and Planning

Ok, the truth is, just filling out your Draft Rally, including a video or photos, and then going live, doesn’t guarantee that contributions will roll in. It takes a litte bit more creativity, promotion, and follow-up. Don't worry, we're here to help guide you through.

Consider these questions:

  • What do I want to achieve with my fundraising Rally?
  • How much money do I need?
  • Who will I ask for support and who can help me spread the word?
  • What will it mean to achieve the goal?
  • How will I use the money?
  • Can I offer cool swag as a gift to Boosters?
  • How often can I promote the Rally and update Boosters?


What should the Rally duration be?

Most successful campaigns are between 30 and 90 days. If your strategy calls for a longer duration to take advantage of your season’s updates, go for it! You can't change the duration after going live, but you can opt in to the Fan Page, which allows you to accept contributions after your campaign ends. Learn more about the Fan Page.


Do I need to make a video or offer swag?

You don't have to do a pitch video or offer swag, but your chances of reaching your goal (especially larger amounts) will increase if you do. On RallyMe, campaigns that have a video raise nearly $2,000 more than campaigns without a video. We have great ideas and tips on how to do both. See Adding Swag and Making a Video.


Can my team raise money together?

Yes! If you are a team or other supporters, having more people working toward a common goal can mean more success - and more money raised. Check-out the Rally Roster, a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tool.


Get 20% of your goal in first 48 hours

If you have a few days or even a couple weeks before you launch, tease your upcoming campaign launch. Post messages/photos on social media, in blogs, and send out personal emails pre-promoting your Rally campaign. Create anticipation and excitement. 
Aim to raise at least 20% of your goal in the first 48 hours, a leading indicator of goal success. Line-up your closest family and friends and ask them to contribute the day you launch. Then, start spreading the word to your larger audience and network. Once they see you already have a great start, they will be more likely to contribute. 
INSIDE TIP: Come up with a campaign hashtag and use it for the druation of the campaign in all communications and on social media

FB appeal


Email supporters before launch

Use this sample email to suit your needs: 
I am about to do something risky and exciting. I'm ready to launch a new fundraising campaign and ask all my friends, family, and supporters to join my team and be part of my athletic journey and dream.

I’m raising funds through RallyMe, a crowdfunding site. The idea is that athletes and teams can reach out to a large circle of their friends, family, friends of friends, and fans and ask everyone for a small amount of support. As you’re in my inner circle, I wonder if you can help me get my Rally rolling?

We get started on [insert date here].

At launch, I’ll send you another email with a link directly to my Rally campaign. It would be great if you could contribute on that day. You can also help me by spreading the word about my Rally through email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.




NEXT: Phase 2 - Go Live & Promote



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