How do I get my money?

A Rallier easily sets up a funding account during the Rally creation process. It only takes a few minutes!

One you start raising money, you receive contributions in real time through Stripe, RallyMe's payment processor. Each contribution is deposited immediately and then is transferred to your bank account. The very first transfer to your bank will take 7 days to post. After that, transfers will happen every two business days.

If you haven't received any deposits, you may have entered your bank account info incorrectly or you are using a bank account that does not accept direct deposits. Check with your bank to ensure that your account is properly set up to receive wire transfers.

To track how much of each contribution is deposited, we offer a detailed spreadsheet with a detailed breakdown of the fee structure.

This is especially helpful if you are an organization responsible for disbursing funds. You will also notice a  column marked ‘Net Amount’ which shows how much of each contribution is deposited into your bank account.​

Contact us with any additional questions.


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